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What is UPS and UPSers?

UPS stands for United Parcel Service. It is a logistics company. It is basically a delivery and supply chain management company. It is an American Multinational Company, which means it operates in the US as well as in other countries too. It is a public company founded on August 28th, 1907.

It has more than 400,000 employees. And one of the largest delivery and supply company in the US. It also has cargo airlines called UPS Airlines and a freight based truck operations, UPS Freight and apart from that a retail-based purchasing and shipping center called UPS stores.

UPSers are those people who work at UPS. The employees are called UPSers. UPSers have access to a special UPS employee platform at www.upsers.com. This feature can be used only by a UPSer and he has to create an account there with his Employee User ID and password which will be provided by the HR. This service helps UPSers to manage their UPS Schedule, view the UPS payroll information, to use the HR self-service and few more features.


How to log in for the UPSers Account?

  1. If you are logging in the very first time then you will have to register your account. Before doing so you will require your UPS Employee User ID and temporary UPS Employee Password.
  2. The UPS Employee User ID will be the same as Employee User ID, in fact, the completely same thing. The temporary password will be the 1st two letters of your LAST name and LAST four numbers of your UPS Employee ID.

After you have completed the above procedure, you can change your password, the changed password will be your access to your UPSers Account. Let’s see how to login to the UPSers now

  1. Go to the UPSers Login portal, www.upser.com
  2. Select the language of your preference. English is set as the default language but it can be translated to any other language of your preference because UPS is available worldwide and almost all international language is available.
  3. After that write your User ID, Employee ID is the same as the User ID which you can get from the HR of your department.
  4. After that write your password, which is the first two last letters from your name and last 4 numbers from your employee ID, if you have changed your password then write the changed password. Note that all letters should be in lowercase.
  5. After that check all the details which you have entered and then click on Log In. You’ll be logged in after that.

How to Log In for International Employees?

The login procedure stated above is applicable only for the US Employees, although the procedure to log in for the international employees is almost the same, let’s have a look at those steps.

  1. Go to the UPSers Employee login portal which can be found at www.upser.com
  2. After that write your User ID, which is similar to the Employee User ID.
  3. Then you’ll be asked to enter your PIN, which happens to be your password.
  4. Then check the details once again and click on Log In.

UPSers LogIn through Mobile Devices

If you don’t have a PC/Laptop you can still log in to your UPSers Account through a mobile device, make sure it’s connected to the Internet .

Firstly, open the website www.upser.com. Then you can see that the web page for the UPSer is opened which will be quite similar to the desktop page  .

Secondly, you have to write your User ID and password in the blank spaces provided. After that, you’ll be able to login. This way is quite similar to the desktop method.

Please note here that the app on the Play Store and App Store cannot be used by the employees for login . It is only for the customers to use. If you want to log in to your account you will have to do it through this website, www.upser.com

Troubleshooting Problems

During login you might face some troubleshooting errors. It mostly happens when you try to log in for the very first time. In this case, check that the password is correctly entered and try again.

If you forgot your password click on Forget Password while you log in and then you will be asked your Employee ID which will help you reset the password.

If you forgot your UPSer ID you can contact your HR who can provide you your Employee User ID which is the same as UPSer ID.

Make sure you have JavaScript enabled otherwise the website won’t work properly on your device and turn off caps lock. If you still find any problem please look at the Help Page at www.upser.com

Other ways to contact

You can fill in the technical form available at www.ups.com for any technical errors. And also visit their career website for any career problem, www.jobsups.com

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